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Avoiding A Winter Car Breakdown Nightmare

Most people have had recurring nightmares, which in most cases they keep to themselves. Yet those who have been prepared to share their experience with others have helped to build a picture of the common nightmare, and it is: being exposed and helpless in the most difficult of conditions.

For UK residents the last year or so has been difficult. The credit crunch has affected most people in one way or another and the change in weather conditions in the UK caused by global warming has not helped to improve the national moral. Indications are that the winter of 2012/2012 is going to be difficult and all of us have to be prepared for its challenges. A lot of our efforts will need to be placed in preparing and keeping our car in as good a working condition as possible, and thus avoid a winter car breakdown that can be traumatic for everyone caught up in it.

Breakdowns can be prevented, yet they are not always totally avoidable. Car owners should always make sure that they have breakdown insurance not just in the winter but all year round. There are many companies who provide this service, with the following companies AA, GEM Motoring Assist, Green Flag, RAC, MORE TH>N, Tesco, Insurance Choice (IC) being the leaders in the UK field.

With your breakdown cover sticker proudly on display, you can then begin to prepare for the coming winter's test.

The first port of call should be the car's battery. Make sure that all the cables and connections are in tip top condition, bearing in mind that when the temperature drops your battery's power is being tested, especially if you have a diesel car. Depending where you live, you could install a battery blanket which is a form of heating pad. Sounds obscure but might just give that extra ounce of power to get the juices flowing, especially when you are in the car park of your supermarket, with two trolleys full of shopping and the only thing that is running is the children's noses.

Another area where you might have problems during a cold and wet winter is the exhaust system, If there has been a lot of snow and frost, the local council will spread salt on the roads, which will considerably speed up the rate of corrosion on the system. Before winter conditions stat to extract their toll, you should have your exhaust system thoroughly checked over, and replace whatever parts that look vulnerable.

The underside of the car is a problem in winter, and another area which is potentially dangerous is the axle joints. Loose or worn joints may not cause a breakdown but they will certainly cause an accident, so have they checked out while the car is up on the ramp.

Car engines are stretched to the hilt during the winter. Adding antifreeze is a must and can prevent major breakdowns and major expense, so make sure that it is applied in time. Other overall factors that need to be taken into account are tyres, brakes, steering, demisters, heaters, windscreen wipers among others. In many case, your car service centre will offer you a pre winter check up, which might be a good investment to prepare you and your car for the rigours of the coming winter.

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